Dipper Lake Backpack

On July 4th weekend, our family, along with our friend Kevin, went on a backpacking trip. We went to Dipper Lake in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. The trip there was on a 4WD drive road, which was a little unique. We went as far as the Subaru would allow and then walked the rest of the way.

Dorinna and Nate on the trail

We had a nice campsite on the shore of Dipper Lake. The lake was home to a bald eagle and a spectacular flock of mountain bluebirds. We had four separate thunderstorms pass through, but after the first one we were in our tents or just arriving at the car.

Dipper Lake

Dorinna at camp


On the second day, Kevin and I climbed Medicine Bow Peak. We were not sure we were going to make it there until the end, but we kept pushing ourselves. Clouds were gathering, so we kept up a good pace.

Sugarloaf mountain and the view south

Lakes at the base of Medicine Bow Peak

The hike out was nicer as most of the ATVs had gone home. On the biggest river crossing, Nate crossed a log bridge that had quite a drop to it. We're always amazed at his sure-footedness.

Mountain meadow


Four Flowers

A small portfolio of flower images


Calendar Photo of the Month- October 2016

Last year our neighbors, Gus and Sharon, held a pumpkin-carving party for the local kids. The kids all had a great time carving and decorating pumpkins. This particular specimen was a white pumpkin carved by hostess Sharon. It was a light grey to begin with, but I enhanced the color further using my iPad development tools. Yes, this is another iPhone image.


More Images from Joshua Tree

This third and final post from this year's trip to Joshua Tree contains a collection of pictures that didn't fit in the past two posts. The story post was long enough as it was and the Studies in Stone post was thematically focused.

Barrel Cactus

Beavertail Cactus

Cactus Flower

Granitic Rock Crystals

Cholla Cactus

Coachella Valley View


Studies in Stone

Studies in Stones is a photographic project that I shot during this year's trip to Joshua Tree. Specificially, it was shot in Pine City, an area of granite boulders mixed with pinyon pines. While I will often do a project based on a place that I visit, this project, conceived in the field, had a specific thematic element. I lifted the camera up to my eye, saw the wonderful juxtaposition between the orange boulders and the blue sky and immediately concluded "black & white." This project was going to be about grain and curves, shadows and textures. I can't remember another project being born in the field like this. I hope you enjoy it.

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