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Die Große Reise — Day 8

It only seems fitting to translate this post title into German, as I spent the entire day in Munich. Today was spent teaching our German business partner, AED-SICAD, about the project I'm working on. It was a busy day, with only a pause to eat lunch at a nearby company cafeteria.

After work a crowd of us went out to the Augustinerkellar, a centrally located biergarden. I started with a beer (duh). This biergarden had only one size of beer, so I had a Maß, one full liter of barly and hops goodness.

We had some pretzels with that (German pretzels have ruined American pretzels for me) and later a plate of sausages and potatoes. And a wheat beer to end the night.

The best part, though, was catching up with old friends who I've known from previous trips to Munich, as well as making some new ones.

Photo by Albrecht Schneider

Back in Paris, Dorinna and Nate went to a park with a playground near our apartment.

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