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Le Grand Voyage — Day 15

Another work day.

For one of the breakfasts this week, Dorinna convinced me to eat day-old baked goods that we had left over from the day before. Day-old croissants taste like... American croissants. Bleah! I didn't do that that again. I became a croissant snob surprisingly quickly.

While I did love the croissants (and the Pain du Chocolat), there was a certain amount of tedium after awhile. In decidedly un-French fashion, I sometimes made myself a more American breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage.

Speaking of the the French, my comment the previous day to my colleagues "Do you always eat Japanese food?" must have made them feel a little guilty (not my intent at all). At noon we took a long walk to La Taverne de Maître Kanter, an Alsatian restaurant. Alsace is the region of France closest to Germany. The food was decidedly German as well, or at least the name was - Flammekuchen. Flammekuchen is a thin crust pizza with onion, cheese, garlic, and bacon. Merci beaucoup! Délicieuse! Perhaps trying to make up for eating day-old croissants, I joined my colleagues by drinking a beer with lunch. How French.


My Esri collegues Jean-Louis and Alain

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