Dorinna's Birthday

Dorinna turns 4o this weekend, so we're making a weekend getaway to an undisclosed location. I told her we need to be the airport at 9:15am Friday morning, and we're coming back Tuesday. I also told her that our destination is within 6 time zones of here.


Red Cross

Dorinna has done some volunteer work for the Red Cross lately. She drove down to Denver yesterday to help with Hurricane Katrina evacuees.


New House Colors

We just got the house painted. The painter painted a swath on the side of the house, which somehow looked nothing like the result. Dorinna loves it, and I'm basically indifferent. The neighbors seem to like it, and they'll have to look at it more than we will.

By the way, this (bad) photo was taken with my new digital camera- also known as a Motorola camera phone. Expect more bad pictures on this blog until I get a real digital camera


Welcome to "Das Haus von Ruh"


Finally, after all these years, I'm on the web. I'm planning to use this web site to tell stories and share pictures from our life. I'm going to try to update it on a fairly regular basis- stop in once a week or so and see what's new.

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