Ruh Family — October 2016

Some family snapshots from last October.


Dorinna (head shot for her new website)


Nate and his friend Dylan



Staring contest


Cousin Laura


Dream Lake Hike — October 2016

Nate and I went for a hike to Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park last October. Here are some photos from that trip.




Baseball Fall 2016

The eve of Opening Day seems like a good time to share some photos from last year's Fall baseball.  This was Nate's third season as a player and Rich's first season as a head coach (along with friend Kevin Lehnbeuter).

Our team name was the "Bananas," as in "Go Bananas!"

Nate playing catcher



Ruh Family — September 2016

Some family snapshots from last September.


Cowboy #1Cowboy #2Making funny faces with cousin Laura

Rich and friend Dave watching Blue Jays at Angels

Dressed up for school pictures


Labor Day Weekend 2016

This Labor Day we set out on a family backpack to the American Lakes in the Colorado State Forest.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and when we arrived at the trailhead it was 40℉ and raining steadily.  We ate lunch sitting in the car while it thundered around us.  This weather was a bit daunting for a family trip, so we continued driving down to the State Forest visitor’s center to check on the forecast.  The news here wasn’t good- more rain throughout the weekend.  The idea of camping out above treeline in what would be even colder temperatures was not a pleasant one, so we headed for drier climes.


We drove down to the Six Mile Gap campground, located on the North Platte River just across the Wyoming border.  While we still got a little bit of rain, it was just drizzle.  The temperatures were a good twenty degrees warmer due to the lower elevation.  After setting up camp, we had time for a short hike along the river.



The next day we packed up and headed for the high country.  The clouds were clearing and we still had one night for a quick backpack.  The American Lakes were no longer an option, so we headed for Trapp Park instead.  As we got our packs and boots on, we had a friend wander through the trailhead parking lot.



The hike into Trapp Park isn’t too long, and we found a nice site at the beginning of the valley.  We thought about hiking further, but realized there was no real advantage to doing so.  Honestly, these were the best sites that I could find anyway.  Dorinna and Nate took a short hike after that, while I forged ahead to the Wilderness boundary at the far end of the valley.



The next morning was cold, but we were well equipped and it wasn’t raining so we did fine.  



The memorable incident of the weekend happened after that.  We climbed the tall hill behind our camp to catch the views.  Dorinna and Nate wandered off, so I waited for them to return.  And waited.  And waited.  And waited.  They had gone ahead to camp, and left me on the hilltop.  After lots of calling and whistleblowing we managed to reconnect and hike out.



While it wasn’t the trip we had planned, it still turned into a fun Labor day weekend.