2011 Christmas Card Letter

For this year's Christmas letter, we decided to mix it up and give Nate his own section. Here are Nate's Two-Year-Old Top Ten Phrases of 2011

  1. “I NATE” (typical response when asked to choose between terms of endearment such as “Honey Bunny,” “Sweet Petunia,” and “Stinker-doodle.”)
  2. “Mommy, sing song.” (Said at 8:30 pm, 8:35 pm and 2:00 am).
  3. "Daddy, sing song." (Said at 8:32 pm, 8:37 pm and 2:03 pm)
  4. “Why?” (An up-and-coming classic, this phrase is expected to climb the charts further in 2012)
  5. “I don’ know.” (When Nate is out of sight and quiet, this is his response when we ask him what he is doing. Rough translation: "I know damn well what I'm doing, but I know that if I tell you I'm going to Time Out")
  6. “I listen now.” (Usually said on the way to Time Out. Heralds an extended period of intense non-listening)
  7. “NO!” (repeat five times).
  8. “You no do dat me.”
  9. "Do 'gain" (alternates with #3)
  10. "I la loo.” (Translation: I love you. Often said spontaneously and accompanied with kisses. Guaranteed to bring tears to our eyes).

Highlights of the year included our usual array of trips. This year we rented a house in Joshua Tree, California, spent a week on the beach in Wells, Maine, and camped for a week in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah. With impeccable timing, we visited Oklahoma during a heat wave and New Jersey during a hurricane.

Dorinna continues to work part-time and she appreciates her time home with Nate. This year she discovered a love for Mumford and Sons, The Office (American version) and Elmo.

Rich spent less time on photography but made up for it by spending more time with blocks and trains. He also learned to program iPads and iPhones, and continued running and hiking. Towards the end of the year, Rich created a new website for photography and family at


Garbage Truck Demonstration

This quick video shows Nate giving a demonstration of his new garbage truck, a Christmas gift from his Grandma Rose.


Nate learns to fly!

Thanks to the crew of United 789 for letting Nate sit in the cockpit. He even got to say "Hi, Mommy" over the intercom!


November 2011 Vignettes

Here is a collection of video clips from last month.  As part of the "Quick-Flix" series, I did only a minimal amount of editing.


Disclaimer: We have no idea where Nate learned these words and phrases. 


Nate's Adoption Finalization (May 2010)

Here is some old but unpublished material from our archives.  This is Nate's adoption finalization- the court proceeding that legalized our adoption of Nate.  The entire legal proceeding took a little over six minutes, but the movie is substantially shorter.

If you're wondering why I look out of it and unenthused in the movie, it's because I had tonsilitis and a 102 degree fever at the time.