Christmas 2016— Part 2, Before Christmas

Nate eagerly awaited Santa Claus's visit.  Every day we assembled figures from four different Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar sets.  And Nate dutifully updated our Christmas countdown on a daily basis, announcing the days until Christmas and the days until his cousins came to visit.

Dorinna plays Christmas Bingo at Nate's classroom partyRich and Nate watching the toy train circling the treeNate and his cousins waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve



Christmas 2016— Part 1, Cookies!

It's customary for me to post things in chronological order, so I should be posting photos from September.  I trust nobody will mind too much if I go out of order to avoid posting Christmas photos next July.

Before Christmas, we spent a family day baking cookies together...

Nate mixing batter

Nate licking the mixer. Mmmmm....

Dorinna and Nate baking together

Happiness is a chocolate-covered face




Northeast Vacation 2016: Part 3, New York (family)

After the New England portion of the trip, we headed south to New York.  We visited my mother-in-law in Mattituck, and then moved to my sister-in-law's house in New Jersey.  From there we took two days trips- one to New York City and one to Minnewaska State Park for a hike in the Gunks.  On the New York trip, we visited the USS Intrepid and the Empire State building.  Rich also made a pilgrimage to B&H photo.

Nate at the USS Intrepid

Rich at the helm of the USS Intrepid

Dorinna and Nate pretending to fly military jet

Nate alongside the ropes of the USS Intrepid

Nate manning the anti-aircraft guns on the USS IntrepidRich makes a pilgrimage to B&H PhotoFamily Hike at Lake Minnewaska State Park


Christmas Card and Letter 2016


Northeast Vacation 2016: Part 2, Boston (family)

The whole idea of the northeast vacation came the previous November, when we told Nate that Big Papi was retiring after the 2016 season.  He started crying and wouldn't stop until we promised him a trip to Fenway in the summer.  Now he was probably just having a bad day, but that was our story and we stuck to it.

For our first game we were joined with my great friend Mark Sangillo and his son.  We had seats high up in the balcony about halfway between home plate and first base.  My Dad joined me for the second game, where we were much closer to field level by first base.  Ticket prices ranged from outrageous to excessive for both games.


Ice cream in a Green Monster bowl

David Ortiz "Big Papi"



Three Generations of Red Sox Fans

Keith Sangillo and Nate

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