Northeast Vacation 2016: Part 1, Maine (family)

Last summer we took a two week vacation to the northeast. In this series of posts, I'll be sharing family photographs from that trip.


The trip begins with an arrival at the Manchester airport


We started our trip visiting my parents and the beach in Wells, Maine.



One day we were forced off the beach and into the arcade.

Nate had an opportunity to eat his second-favorite food in Kennebunk Port, Maine.


While in Wells, we stayed at a wonderful old house (Airbnb).  Roomy, comfortable, and with lots of great character.



Baseball 2016

Nate played in two baseball leagues this year- the regular season in the spring (with the Lobos), and then fall ball. My friend Kevin and I coached the Fall Ball team, dubbed the Bananas by the kids. Go Bananas! became our rallying cry.

Nate's baseball card stats:


Halloween: The Force Awakens 2016

Family Halloween photo

Dorinna and Nate made the BB-8 costume by covering a fitness ball with papier-mâché and then deflating the ball.

Party before trick-or-treating

Kylo Ren and shuttlecraft/Radio Flyer wagon

Shuttlecraft returns to Starkiller Base

This was the third year for our bar wagon. We surprise parents of trick-or-treaters by offering them cocktails. I had Star Wars music broadcasting from a small Bluetooth speaker.


Dipper Lake Backpack

Cross-posted from my main blog, since this was a family trip.

On July 4th weekend, our family, along with our friend Kevin, went on a backpacking trip. We went to Dipper Lake in the Snowy Range of Wyoming. The trip there was on a 4WD drive road, which was a little unique. We went as far as the Subaru would allow and then walked the rest of the way.

Dorinna and Nate on the trail

We had a nice campsite on the shore of Dipper Lake. The lake was home to a bald eagle and a spectacular flock of mountain bluebirds. We had four separate thunderstorms pass through, but after the first one we were in our tents or just arriving at the car.

Dipper Lake

Dorinna at camp


On the second day, Kevin and I climbed Medicine Bow Peak. We were not sure we were going to make it there until the end, but we kept pushing ourselves. Clouds were gathering, so we kept up a good pace.

Sugarloaf mountain and the view south

Lakes at the base of Medicine Bow Peak

The hike out was nicer as most of the ATVs had gone home. On the biggest river crossing, Nate crossed a log bridge that had quite a drop to it. We're always amazed at his sure-footedness.

Mountain meadow


Ruh Family — June  2016

Miscellaneous photos from June

Bat Boy for the Fort Collins Foxes

Bird watching

Birthday Pool Party

Dorinna meets Sam Beam

Padres baseball

No front teeth!

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