New House Colors

We just got the house painted. The painter painted a swath on the side of the house, which somehow looked nothing like the result. Dorinna loves it, and I’m basically indifferent. The neighbors seem to like it, and they’ll have to look at it more than we will.

By the way, this (bad) photo was taken with my new digital camera- also known as a Motorola camera phone. Expect more bad pictures on this blog until I get a real digital camera

2 Replies to “New House Colors”

  1. Is the house really green or did the bad camera make it look green? I’m anxiously awaiting your pictures from Oesterreich.

  2. Yes, the house is really green. The exact hue is a little distorted by the phone camera, but it’s green. Officially it’s “baked avocado”. The trim is cream, and the door (hard to see) is purple.

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