Austria Vacation Log: Day 3, Post 3 of 3 Beer!

After work and sightseeing, we all get together for a trip to the Hirschgarten biergarten. The beer was served in only one size- maß. That’s one liter, or slightly more than 2 pints a piece. Food was standard biergarten fare:

  • World-class pretzels
  • Grilled chicken
  • Spare ribs
  • Giant white radishes

and lots more.

Stock photo of the biergarten. Yes, a biergarten is a family place:

(photo credit:

On the outskirts, they had an enclosure filled with red deer (“hirsch” in german)

(photo credit:

Our group

(photo credit: Daniel Hernandez)

Mugs of excellent “helles” beer (lager)

(photo credit: Albrecht Schneider)

Jörg and Frank eating giant pretzels, debating the merits of “Goodbye, Lenin” and other german films.

(photo credit: Albrecht Schneider)

The wine was awful, but she’s still smiling!

(photo credit: Albrecht Schneider)

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