Blowing in the Wind

While I was conveniently on a business trip last week, Fort Collins got a wind storm. Winds hit 80 mph, and a falling tree almost killed a bunch of kids at a day care center. We lost 2 sections of our fence, so my neighbor and I spent a good part of the weekend fixing it.

In what “seemed like a good idea at the time” we decided to do it right, and fix a large section of the fence that was constructed rather poorly. The worst part was digging up the old fence posts, which the previous owners had thoughtfully sunk in concrete. The posts are in place, the cross-beams are anchored in position, and we’ve started nailing the planks back on. I expect a good part of next weekend will be finishing the job.

Here’s a view of the construction:

Our other neighbor lost a piece of fence too, and Home Depot had a line of people buying fence planks.