Austria Vacation Log: Day 5, Post 1 of 2 Vom See…

The day started with a delightful breakfast on the deck overlooking the town. Michaela and Dieter outdid themselves with an incredible spread of breads, jams, muesli, and yogurt. Germans do NOT skimp on breakfast.

We piled back into the car and drove to Lindau. Lindau is a great little german town on an island in the Bodensee. We walked along the lake and enjoyed hazy views to Austria and Switzerland. The lake was very nice, but had lots of debris floating in it- stuff that washed downstream from the Alps during recent floods.Reaching the harbor, we climbed to the top of the lighthouse for great views of the “skyline”.

(photo credit: Dieter Glauß)

We enjoyed coffee at a small café and met Daniel and Theresia soon after.

(photo credit: Michaela Glauß)

The town was a lot of fun.We window-shopped, admired the exterior of the town hall, and visited a nice little church.

Theresia, Michaela, Dieter, Rich, and Dorinna (photo credit: Daniel Hernandez)

Rathaus (town hall) (photo credit: Dieter Glauß)

For lunch, I had a salad with Bodensee fish fillets and an apple soda. Afterwards, we piled back into the cars and headed to Austria. I think I missed some nice scenary, as I fell asleep in the back seat almost immediately after the border.

Bells in Lindau (photo credit: Dieter Glauß)

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