The Sacred Trees

On Sunday, Dorinna and I set out to ski “The Sacred Trees”, a secret Telemark ski spot up in Cameron Pass. We had a dry week in Colorado with lots of wind, and I figured that above-treeline spots would probably be windblown, so we headed for this spot. It’s a slope that is tree-covered and sheltered. The trees are fairly widely-spaced, so the skiing in still easy. (This is often a great spot to visit when avalanche conditions are bad, although they were fine on Sunday).

Unfortunately, the secret spot is a little too secret, and we weren’t able to find it. We skied another slope where the trees were quite a bit tighter. The snow was deep enough that we were able to maneuver around them however. We dubbed the spot “Purgatory Glade.”

Below is a shot of Dorinna on the trail to our secret spot. When you notice the railings on this snow-covered bridge, you have some idea on how much snow we’ve gotten this year.

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