The Diamond

This weekend our friend Bruce from Vermont was here for a visit. I first met Bruce on a trip to Paria canyon back in the mid-nineties. We met him because he’s Jon’s best friend’s ex-roommate’s twin brother.

On Saturday, Jon, Bruce and I went telemark skiing on the Diamond Peak in Cameron Pass. Snow conditions varied, but as long as we stayed out of crusty sunny spots, the skiing was quite good. The first run was the longest, as we ascended to the top of the ridge to ski a run Jon calls “The Swale”. At the top, we dug a snow pit to check out conditions:

The top layer was fairly cohesive, but it broke into pieces fairly easily, and it was not under alot of pressure. The layers underneath were very solid. We followed standard avy protocols, but it felt very comfortable.

The snow was better down lower, so we stayed down lower for our subsequent 3 runs. As you can see from Bruce’s face, the skiing was alot of fun:

I could barely walk afterwards, but it was a great day in the mountains!