New Slide Scanner

We recently purchased a new HP printer to go with Dorinna’s new laptop. Of course, as soon as the saleswoman said “this one can also scan slides” I was sold. It’s not the highest res scanner in the world, and I won’t be making any 8 x 12 enlargements, but it works quite nicely for Das Haus von Ruh.

Here a few pictures from the first few days of our Austrian trip. I’ll start working my pictures into the narratives eventually (yes, I’m behind on my slide sorting…)

This sign in the Munich Hauptbahnhof will always symbolize Germany for me. On my first trip to Munich, I went up the escalator from the U-bahn, fuzzed with the almost complete lack of sleep from a transatlantic flight, I looked up and saw this sign. We’re not in America anymore, Toto, but America is certainly here. The similarities between “Trink” and “Drink” started my fascination with the German language that continues to this day.

This is an interior shot of a hall in the Alte Pinakothek museum in Munich. I liked the geometries of the windows and the shadows.

2 Replies to “New Slide Scanner”

  1. I haven’t picked up my SLR since buying the digital camera in November. However, now that I have this scanner, I have a little more options. I’m not sure which camera I’ll take to Utah, for example.

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