Stillwater Canyon Trip, Day 1

I’ve been spending too much time having adventures than writing about them, so I’m a bit behind. I have 5 more days of Austria to write about, and I just finished a 6 day trip in Canyonlands National Park. I’ll try my best to write about them in tandem, but another backpack is planned for next weekend…

This particular trip was planned by my friend Mark Sigda. There were five of us: myself, Mark, Dave Johnson, Kevin McNinch, and Paul Jeffrey. Our trip was a flatwater canoe trip down the Green River- 55 miles through Canyonlands National Park.

All photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot S80 digital camera. This is the first major trip that I’ve shot completely with digital.

The first day was simply a drive to Moab with our two car caravan. We checked into our hotel, went grocery shopping, and then ate dinner and drank alot of beer. The next morning came early…. (to be continued)

The Road to Moab