Browns Lake Backpack

Another weekend, another backpack…

This time Dorinna and I were joined by Kevin and his dog Sky. Browns Lake is located in the Comanche Peak Wilderness, south of Poudre Canyon. The hike to get there goes above treeline, passing near the summit of Crown Point, before dropping back down into the valley that holds Browns Lake. We got there in time to snag a great campsite with a fantastic view. Being perched behind a row of trees wasn’t enough- the most memorable thing about the trip was the gale force wind that constantly blew through camp. The wind was so fierce that the sounds of the tent flapping (and lifting up into the air) kept me awake for much of the night.

The hike in to the lake is only 4 miles, but we added on some side trips. On Saturday, Kevin, Sky, and I bushwhacked to the top of a peak just west of the lake. Up the north side, and down the south side. On Sunday, all of us did some exploring of a few small peaks above treeline off the Flowers trail. There was enough above-treeline walking to keep everybody interested (and my ears burning in the sun).

View from Crown Point- peaks in the background are the Rawahs

Old Man of the Mountains – a kind of alpine sunflower

Browns Lake

Sky poses on top of Browns Lake Peak (note: She wasn’t looking at the camera for the other 17 pictures)

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