Black Hills 6: French Creek

Our second hike of the day was to descend into the middle of French Creek canyon. At one point we considered descending through the canyon as a two-day backpack, but we decided to save that trip for another day. After following a long dirt road, we descended down steeply and followed a very rough path through the canyon. It was nice to leave the arid plains into a wetter environment. Sky certainly enjoyed the opportunity to go swimming and fetch sticks.

On the hike down, Dorinna was surprised by a chipmunk, and screamed at the top of her lungs. On the hike back, Dorinna was surprised by a rattlesnake, and calmly said “Is that a snake?”

Kevin, Sky, and Dorinna walking along French Creek

Red Columbine

Bunny was a bit shaken after seeing the rattlesnake

Me at French Creek