Full Moon Hike

Dorinna’s second naturalist hike was a full moon hike in June (*). The full moon fell on the same Friday that school ended. We weren’t really sure how many people to expect, but the number far exceeded anyone’s expectations. 53 people came for the three mile hike! I’m fairly certain this is the highest number at any county naturalist program ever.

The theme of the hike was “moon myths”, and Dorinna spent weeks beforehand gathering and memorizing the legends of various cultures. I wasn’t able to hear most of them, unfortunately- I took on the role of “sweep”, hiking at the end of the mob to make sure we didn’t lose anyone off the back.

The only glitch in the evening was the moon- there wasn’t one. We couldn’t understand why we couldn’t find the moon, until I finally realized what we had forgotten. We planned this hike in late winter, and when we looked up the moonrise times we had forgotten to account for daylight savings time.! No matter- half way through the hike the moon rose in a big red ball.

Dorinna gives a pre-trip briefing to the crowd.

The Devil’s Backbone

The crowd listens to moon myth stories.

Kevin setting up his tripod.

* The bad news is yes, I am very behind on my blogging. The good news is that I plenty of material to keep me busy and readers (presumably) entertained.