Savage Run Wilderness

Kevin and I went backpacking last June to the Savage Run Wilderness in Wyoming. The weekend started off kind of rough, as the road to the trailhead was snow-covered and impassable. After digging out, we parked at the snowline, and trudged through snow and mud a few miles to the trailhead.
The hike itself was very pretty. After a short descent to a meadow, the trail followed Savage Run creek through a beautiful forest.

Avalanche Lily


Old-Timey photograph of Savage Run creek


Kevin, Sky, and Rich at “Camp Pinecone” (photo courtesy Kevin McNinch)

After setting up camp and taking a breather, we continued down the creek, scaring a family of deer out eating dinner. There was nothing particularly spectacular about this trip, but a solid 18 mile weekend with purposely heavy packs– excellent training for the adventure still to come.

Albany, Wyoming

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