WCT, Part 1: Return to Victoria

Back when I first started this blog, Dorinna and I took a trip to Victoria, British Columbia. We fell in love with the city, and it was one of the reasons why we signed up when Kevin approached us with the idea to hike the West Coast Trail.

The West Coast Trail is a 75 km (47 mile) backpacking route along temperate rainforest, sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, caves, sea arches, sea stacks and beaches. Kevin and Shirley were planning to visit Shirley’s family on the island, so Kevin added this hike to the end of that visit, and invited us along.

Dorinna and I started our trip on July 4, when we celebrated our patriotism by flying to Canada. Here are some photos from the flight:

Our first flight was from Denver to Seattle, flying past Mt. Rainier

Puddle-jumper from Seattle to Victoria

The Olympic Peninsula of Washington State

Aerial view of Victoria

When we arrived in Victoria, we discovered our luggage hadn’t. No matter, Horizon Airlines did a fantastic job of setting us up with toiletries for the night. By the time we were awake the next morning, our luggage had already been delivered to our B&B. The counter staff was extremely polite as well.

Still, we were a bit grouchy, and used this as an excuse to rent a Mustang GT. Black. Sacrifices must be made.

We stayed at the Robert Palmer House, a delightful Victorian B&B run by our English friends Ann and Derek. We stayed with them our last time in Victoria, and highly recommend staying here.

After checking in, and catching up on the gossip from our last visit, we headed out to explore the city…

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