More Country in Nashville

On Monday night, we went back to downtown to hear more live music. This night, being a work night, was considerably tamer (e.g. beer instead of whiskey), but if anything we heard even better music. Here are some more “country-related” photos from Nashville.

I bet you didn’t know that Charlie Daniels had a museum in Nashville. Bet you didn’t care either…

Layla’s Hillbilly- We heard an outstanding bluegrass band here on Monday night. At one point a white-bearded old man came in off the street between songs. The band got all agitated– “It’s so-and-so!” they cried (it wasn’t a name I recognized). Whatshisname picked up a fiddle and the next song was a fiddle-vs-mandolin duel the likes I’ve never seen. Then the guy left. The level of talent that just wanders in off the street in this town is downright sickening.
“Western World”. We heard a very good western swing band here on Monday- the Western Swingers. It sounded like jazz to me. I liked it enough to buy a cd.
Typical street musician in Music City.

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