Photos from Nashville

Here are some photos from my last Nashville post.

The Ernest Tubb Record Shop. “All Types of Records” led me to believe this was going to be a cool music store that I could browse for hours. You know how regular music stores have signs for the different musical genres: jazz, classical, rock, rap, etc.? There were no signs in this particular store– let’s just say they had both kinds of music: “Country and Western”

Jack’s Barbecue. Ribs, pork shoulder, and beef brisket. Good enough to go back on Monday night for a second trip.

B. B. King’s Blues Club. Not sure what kind of music was playing that night. It wasn’t blues, and it wasn’t any good. Far and away the absolute worst music I heard in Nashville.
The scene of “the crime”, or at least the scene of the multiple plastic cups, absurdly large, of Maker’s Mark. Highly recommended. We saw the country-rock band “Wide Open.”

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