The Grand Experiment

A few weeks ago I bought a new home computer. Since I was utterly unable to find a single person who would say a single nice thing about Microsoft Vista (and “It’s not that bad” doesn’t count), I took the plunge and bought an iMac.

My experience so far as been nothing but good. You know those Mac people who have been annoying you for years because they won’t shut up about how much better their Mac is? Turns out they were right all along. Who knew?

The Mac comes with software called iWeb, which makes it incredibly easy to create a good-looking website. I also purchased a .Mac account, which allows me to publish said web site to the Internet.

For the next few months I’ll be experimenting with this new web site. Until I make a decision about which one to stick with, I will cross-post here. Please check it out, and send me your feedback. Thanks!

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