In our Christmas letter, I hinted at a weekly photo project for 2008.  Here are the details.

First, I want to acknowledge that this idea was shamelessly stolen (albeit with permission) from my friend Kevin.  Kevin started a thing last year called KPOW: Kevin’s Photo Of the Week.  RPOW doesn’t have the same ring (pow?) to it, so after much deliberation, I came up with WIRR: Weekly Image Rich Ruh.

Here are the rules that I will be following in 2008:

  1. The photo must be taken during the week- weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday.
  2. The photo must be taken by Rich.
  3. Any subject matter is acceptable.
  4. There are no quality standards, although obviously I’ll do my best.
  5. Equally obviously, on weeks when I don’t take an interesting trip, I’ll take a lame photo and try to pass it off as a work of art.
  6. I’m not above using digital manipulation in fulfillment of rule #5.

The goals are to take more pictures, and publish more to my blog.  I’m going to try to post WIRR photos here as soon as possible.  Minimizing the accompanying text should make that easier to fit into my schedule.

Watch this space for WIRR photos, starting next week.

My photographic work station: Apple Aperture running on my iMac, with my new Canon Rebel XTi in front.



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