A little bit of a slow week, photography-wise.  Yesterday we went backcountry skiing to Montgomery Pass, but with wind chills of -15 in the parking lot, photographic opportunities were limited.

I set up my tripod, and outfitted my Rebel with my 100-300 mm zoom (480 mm equivalent in 35 mm).  I staked out the bird feeders, hoping maybe an interesting bird would alight.  No such luck, although we did catch our local squirrel having a good time.  

WIRR 2008 Jan3


We’re not sure how Mr. Squirrel got up there,  since as you can see from the photo below, the feeder is more than 10 feet from the nearest tree.  However, when we spooked him off, he ran directly down the pole, making me think maybe he ran up it too.  We had a baffle installed by late afternoon, so this might be the first and last squirrel on the feeder photo.  Time will tell…

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