In some ways, this WIRR isn’t particularly photographic.  And it’s not exactly my usual subject matter.

But as Dorinna reminded me a few days ago, the WIRR is also a reflection of where my life is at on any given week, and in that respect the WIRR is perfect.  My life in the past week has been absorbed in preparations for the Telvent Miner & Miner User Group Meeting (TMMUG).  The photo above is from our demo preparation room, and shows some of the computers, monitor cables, power cords, network cables, and power strips used to practice the demos.  Somehow our technical marketing team can keep all of this mess straight.

Yesterday I gave the “Product Team Overview” section of our conference keynote.  It was a 2-hour combination of talking and demos to a crowd of just over 400 people.  The demos all worked perfectly, which made it far easier to relax and give my talk.  This was pretty important, as I’ve never given a talk to a crowd more than 50, and certainly never given a talk so long before.

WIRR 2008 Feb3


My segment was a complete success, and at the end I showed the picture above to the crowd, thanking the technical marketing team for making the day possible.

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