This Week In Photography (TWIP)

I discovered this podcast just last week.  I’ve listened to two full episodes, and partway through the third episode, I’m ready to endorse it.  Why?  In the first 25 minutes of the third episode, they have discussed the following:

  • The stock photography market (spurred by the buyout of Getty Images)
  • The Nikon D3 
  • Using a Hasselblad rangefinder (film) camera
  • HDR images
  • Paper




Yeah, right before I turned it off to go eat dinner, they were having a lively discussion about photographic paper.  That’s when I knew these guys were for real.

Yes, they talk about gear.  But they’re also pretty clear that gear doesn’t matter as much as most people think- even pulling out the old “if you can’t paint, do you blame the paintbrush?” analogy.  They also talk about the importance of telling a story to make a powerful image and the need to go out every week and take some pictures as a way to keep your skills sharp.  They even give weekly topical assignments to go out and shoot a particular subject.  

In other words, this is a podcast by photographers for photographers.

Finally, tonight they published a bonus video podcast giving a demo of how to make HDR images using my favorite software toy, Photomatix.  I’ve blogged about this before, but seeing it in a video makes it much easier to “get.” 

In other photo news, Canon came out with a new and improved version of my brand new Rebel.  Aarrgh.  (Note to wife: Don’t worry, I’m not going to buy it.  Note to self:  Don’t tell her about the lens.)

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