WIRR 2008, April Week 4

I hemmed and hawed about bringing a camera on my business trip last week to Redlands, California.  I finally decided against it, since I didn’t use it on my last trip (Topeka, Kansas).  However, every Thursday in Redlands is “Market Thursday.”  They close off one of the main streets to cars and set up about a hundred booths.  Some of the obvious booths were selling produce, baked goods, and art.  But this was California, so there were also booths for herbal remedies, floor tile, and Dianetics.  There were actually quite a few photo subjects to capture, and there I was without a camera.  Hey… wait a minute.  I do have a camera…


WIRR 2008 April4

Technical Data:  Blackberry Curve cell phone 


It actually didn’t come out half-bad.  I cropped it and sharpened it a bit in Aperture.  I’m not going to enlarge it to an 8×10, but for the web the quality is good enough.  Not to worry, though.  For next week’s trip to Vienna I’m bringing a real camera.

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