Sorry for the prolonged absence.  I’ve just finished a month of heavy travel.  Since I last posted, I’ve been in California, Virginia, Oregon, and New Jersey.  At one point, it was 7 different time zones in 12 days.  This counts the daylight saving time switch, and a stop in O’Hare, where I shot the picture below.  




The “undisclosed location” for my birthday turned out to be a trip to Grand Junction.  Dorinna engineered a river trip with our friends Paul and Lara, and Mark, who flew in from New Hampshire.  I’ve a bunch of photos from that trip, which unfortunately will take a little time to go through.  So I’m going to skip another week on the WIRR – for now.


MDT – Colorado (10/28)

CDT – Illinois (10/28)

EDT – Virginia (10/28-31)

CDT – Illinois (10/31)

PDT – Oregon (10/31)

PST – Oregon (11/1-3)

MST – Colorado (11/3-8)

EST – New Jersey (11/8)

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