Spain 2009: Andalusia 2 (Setenil and Olvera)

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After leaving Grazelema, we drove to Setenil de Las Bodegas.  This little town is built inside a narrow canyon.  An cliff-ringed island in the center of the canyon held a fortress and church.  Buildings are actually built into caves under the overhanging cliffs.  The town was a Moorish holdout for years during the Reconquista.  It fought 7 battles with the Christian town of Olvera, only a few miles away.  These seven battles and the wine cellars of the caves contributed to the town’s name.  Album here.


Andalusia2 hero

The last town of the day was Olvera, dominating by a fortress and church on a tall hill.  Great views as clouds rolled in and the sun dropped lower into the sky. 


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