I know it probably looks like I’ve let the WIRR project fade away.  After all, it’s supposed to be weekly, the last post was March 7, and I’m about two months behind.  But I am in fact continuing with the project.  I took me a long time to edit and organize the hundreds of photos that I took in Spain.  Work and travel interfered as well.  I will start cranking out some more soon.


This photo is an HDR shot of a busy square in Seville.  The dials were tweaked to give it a surreal look.  I experimented with this technique a lot in Spain- I’ll soon be publishing an album highlighting this approach.  I’m keeping them separate from my regular Seville albums because the photos are… weird.


WIRR 2009 Feb2

Technical Data:  Canon Rebel XTi; Canon EF-S 17-85 f/4-5.6 IS USM at 17 mm; f/8 at 1/250, 1/60, and 1/1000; ISO 100.

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