Spain 2009: Andalusia 1 (Zahara and Grazelema)

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While I liked the city, I wanted to leave Sevilla and take a trip into the countryside.  I hired Paul McGrath, an Australian tour guide who has been living in Spain for over 10 years.  Paul took me to numerous white-washed hill towns and castles in Andalusia.  Very friendly guide who I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you’re in area.  He has a website here.


Andalusia1 hero

This first album (there will be two), shows the first half of our day.  After visiting an old castle, Paul drove us to Zahara de La Sierra.  After drinking tea at his summer place, we took a short hike to a tower that overlooks the town, and then visited an olive press.  Traveling over the high pass of  Puerto de Las Palomas, we descended into the village of Grazelma for lunch in a wonderfully energetic little square.  Narrow streets and white-washed buildings were the rule.


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