Every year the New Belgium Brewery sponsors a series of bike parades around the country.  The brewery is famous for its Fat Tire Amber, and for its support of bicycling.  The Tour de Fat was held in 11 cities last year, but nowhere is it as popular as it is in Fort Collins, the brewery’s home town.

This year almost 10,000 bicyclists donned costumes and mounted their road bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, and various other bike-like contraptions.

The event is a benefit for bike advocacy groups.  This year they raised a total of $276,000.  As these pictures show, it’s also a lot of fun!

TourDeFat2009 1


TourDeFat2009 2


TourDeFat2009 3


TourDeFat2009 4


TourDeFat2009 5


TourDeFat2009 6


TourDeFat2009 7


TourDeFat2009 8


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