Can you believe I’ve never learned Photoshop?  Yes, it’s true.  I bought Photoshop Elements for my old PC many years ago, but never got past using the Organizer and the Quick Fix tools.  A few months ago I purchased the new Photoshop Elements 8 for the Mac, and while on vacation I’ve been reading a book about how to use it (Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac: The Missing Manual).  After all these years of photography, I’m learning about Photoshop basics like selection brushes and layers.  I applied some of what I learned to the photo below.

WIRR 2009 October1


It was a cold, dreary, and overcast day- nothing but boring grey skies.  So I fired off a sequence of shots for building an HDR image.  The bright colors became eye-popping when the Photomatix dials were turned up to “surreal.”  The image above is a composite:

  • The temple and flags is a surreal HDR image
  • The sky is a surreal HDR image, converted to black and white
  • The background is a normal HDR image, converted to black and white

Technical Data: Canon Rebel XTi; Canon EF-S 17-85 f/4-5.6 IS USM at 60 mm; f/8 at 1/125, 1/500, and 1/200; ISO 200; Photomatix, Photoshop Elements.

By way of comparison, here is the original unaltered photo:

WIRR 2009 October1 original


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