In Bruges

Two hit men hide out in Bruges after a job gone awry.  Hilarity ensures.  Well not quite. In Bruges is violently hilarious and hilariously violent at the same time, reminding me of the Coen brothers Fargo.  Ken (Brendan Gleeson) enjoys his time in the beautifully-preserved medieval town, relaxing and sightseeing, while the bitter and depressed Ray (Colin Farrell and Colin Farrell’s eyebrows) can’t wait to leave, at least not until he meets Chloe (Clémence Poésy).  When their boss Harry, played by a delightfully high-strung and deranged Ralph Fiennes, calls with new instructions, everything quickly spirals out of the control.  Be prepared for a witty plot, with a collection of crazy threads that manage to all get knitted (unraveled?) together at the end.  

In Bruges was released in 2008.  Like all of my “Best of 2009” lists, it’s my favorite from the year, regardless of release date.



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