Last year, I shot a lot of good pictures of exotic European cities- Seville, Bruges, and Amsterdam, to name a few.  Some of the shots were straight-forward, but others were more creative, using techniques such as HDR or black-and-white.  There is something about being in a foreign country that makes this easier.  As I wander the streets, my eyes are open, and I’m looking for photos all of the time.

WIRR 2010 Jan2


Well, what if I tried to take the same approach to my home town?  Could I find the same kind of photos?  This year, I’m going to find out.  Get prepared for a collection of photos this year from the exotic, foreign city of Fort Collins, Colorado.

“The art of expressing an encounter with people, places, and cultures remains the same whether or not you get on a plane.” –David duChemin, Within the Frame.

Billboard, LaPorte Ave., Fort Collins

Technical Data:  Canon 7D; Canon EF-S 17-85 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM AT 85 mm; f/8 at 1/2000; ISO 200.

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