Gritty Harley-Davidson.

This was shot in my brother-in-law’s basement, lit by a single small window high in the wall behind me.  That wasn’t much light- even wide open at f/2.8 I was shooting at ISO 6400.  This is a standard 3-exposure HDR shot, and the overexposed image was shot at 1/8 second.  Did I mention this was hand-held?  It took 6 sequences of 3 pictures before I was confident that I got one without too much camera-shake blur.  And I was right- I got one and only one usable sequence.  Nik Software DFine was used to reduce noise, and then Photomatix to create the HDR image above.

WIRR 2010 April1

Technical Data:  Canon 7D; EF 24mm f/2.8; f/2.8 at 1/8, 1/30, and 1/125; ISO 6400; DFine; Photomatix.

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