Back in February, I attended a class in studio lighting.  While at that class, I met a photographer named Brent Yoder.  I ended up following him on Twitter, and he posted about a group shoot that was going to take place in Old Town Fort Collins.  I go the details from him, and joined a meet-up of the Fort Collins Flickr group.  They had arranged to get together with a group of local models and shoot some pictures.  

Now, I’d say about half of these guys knew what they doing.  They hauled out the tripods, studio strobes, flash remote transmitters, reflectors, big battery packs, the works.  The rest of us were a little more low-key.  I used my EX 380 on-camera.  The good news is that I had a bounce card.  The bad news is that it was made of cardstock from a pattern I found on the Internet, and attached to the camera with a rubber band.  It wasn’t the best setup there, but hey, it worked.

WIRR 2010 May4

The above shot was a model named Courtney, shot in front of a cherry (?) tree that was blooming that night.  

Technical Data:  Canon 7D; Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II; f/2 at 1/50; ISO 200.

Here are some more:


WIRR2010 May4 Alternative 1


WIRR2010 May4 Alternative 2

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