I’m still in my desaturated high-contrast high dynamic range period.  This week’s image is of the American Lakes basin in the Colorado State Forest.  Those clouds aren’t fake, we had to beat a retreat from the thunderstorms not long after I took this shot.


WIRR 2010 July5


Technical Data:  Canon 7D; EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM at 17mm; f/8 at 1/100, 1/400, and 1/25; ISO 200; Photomatix.


If you’re getting tired of the look, here’s another image from the week that I liked a lot.  It’s still an HDR image, but apparently I moved the camera just enough during exposure that it gained an almost watercolor feel to it.  It’s a picture of the Diamond Peaks in Cameron Pass, Colorado:


IMG 4336 7 tonemapped


I apologize for the lengthy absence. I was busy with a photo project for a class, and most of my photographic time was spent taking and processing images for that project. You’ll see the results soon.

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