This is an old Harley-Davidson motorcycle I found in the basement of my brother-in-law’s house.  It was lit only from a small window behind me.  I used the fastest lens I had with me, held my breath, and hoped the shots would be sharp enough. 


EverydaySurreal motorcycle


Processed as an high-dynamic range image with Photomatix, where I boosted up well… saturation, contrast, color, everything I could really.  


This image was shot before the project started, but it seemed to fit the theme, so I included it.


Technical Data:  Canon 7D; EF 24mm f/2.8; f/2.8 at 1/8, 1/30, and 1/125; ISO 6400; Photomatix.


An introduction to the Everyday Surreal series can be found here.

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