I’m now on my third blogging technology. I started with blogger, which was good enough for what it was, but I grew frustrated with its limitations. After buying a Mac, I switched to iWeb, Apple’s website software. This was actually a great tool, and built a good looking site. I abandoned it for three main reasons:

  • Lack of software updates makes me question Apple’s loyalty to the software.
  • Demise of MobileMe, Apple’s publishing platform. Although iWeb can publish to other web sites, it’s certainly more difficult.
  • Inability to post on the road. IWeb stores all of its content in a local disk file. This makes it impossible to post from the web- I need my Mac to post.

My latest blogging platform, this one, is Squarespace. Like iWeb, I can create a fairly good looking site, without hard-coding HTML. If I want to learn more web coding, there are a lot of places where I can customize it in ways beyond what I can do with with the standard clicking and dragging. But best of all, I can post (and update anything about the site) from anywhere:

  • From my Mac at home
  • From my work laptop when I’m traveling
  • From any web browser on any random machine

And my personal favorite,

  • From my iPad

In fact, almost all of my posts so far have been from my iPad, including this one. I’ll talk more about my workflow in a future post.

2 Replies to “Squarespace”

  1. Hi,I, too, am looking for a new home for my iWeb website.I am wondering if you could help with the following: how did you move the content from iWeb to here? Specially, did you manage to transfer the blog posts & comments?Also, is this the only way to comment? I quite like the ability, in some websites, to comment using your Twitter or FB sign-in.Thanks, Ana

  2. Ana,I did a couple of things. First, I republished my iWeb website to my DropBox public folder. Insructions are here: http://www.macworld.com/article/1160793/dropbox_iweb_mobileme.htmlThen I started moving content manually. It's possible to transfer an iWeb blog to WordPress (http://www.maciverse.com/how-to-import-your-iweb-blog-to-wordpress.html) and then migrate it to SquareSpace, but it seemed like too much trouble.I'm not aware of other ways to comment.I hope this helps.–Rich

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