iStarted- And You Can Too!

Last Thursday I gave a presentation at the Esri Dev Meetup in Fort Collins. This was an event for GIS programmers in Northern Colorado to gather for a social and presentations. Over 100 attendees saw my talk.

Glenn Letham of GISUser magazine took photos and videos of the event.

My presentation was titled iStarted- And You Can Too! A Beginner’s Guide to iOS Programming. It covers the basics of programming for iOS (the operating system for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch). If you want to see me present in my black turtleneck sweater (yes, really!), you can see the video here.

Esri DevMeetup CO – Rich Ruh from glenn letham on Vimeo.

The video quality isn’t that good at times and the screen can be hard to see. My presentation is available for download here.

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