Welcome to Das Haus von Ruh, Version 3.0.


Welcome to the new blog. I’ve already posted a number of entries in the past few weeks to give you something to read. I’ll be posting about photography, technology (especially iOS and Mac-based), and random things that come to mind.

Additional Content

I’ll be migrating photo albums and additional content to this website over the coming weeks and months.


To subscribe, click on the Der Blog von Ruh RSS link on your left, or enter http://dashausvonruh.squarespace.com/blog/rss.xml into your favorite RSS reader.

If you need an RSS reader, I recommend Reeder on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Of course, you can always subscribe via your web browser and Google Reader.

Older Versions of Das Haus von Ruh

Das Haus von Ruh, Version 2

The site that I ran from December 2007 to mid-2011 can be found here.

Das Haus von Ruh, Version 1

The original Blogger website that I ran from September 2005 to December 2007 has been imported into this one. Just use the Archive links on the left-hand side.

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