The Martini FAQ

The Martini FAQ tells you everything you need to know about the fine art of making a martini. This isn’t about foo-foo fruit drinks whose only resemblance to a martini is that they use the same glass- this is about true martinis. Gin or vodka? The author concedes the existence of the latter, while keeping the focus on gin. Got a question about “shaken” or “stirred”? It’s in there, along with just about everything else you can imagine- history lessons, quotes, and the answer to the question “Can you really ‘bruise’ gin?”

In case you are wondering, the house martini at Das Haus von Ruh uses a half-capful of vermouth. I cover the glass with it, then dump it out and shake out as much as I can. Bombay Sapphire Gin, shaken. Twist of lemon.

Recently I was introduced to Leopold Brothers Small Batch Gin. Leopold’s is exceptional, with strong floral overtones and an intense juniper bouquet. The bartender who introduced me to the drink used no vermouth at all, but I’m still experimenting. It’s fantastic (also good in a gin & tonic), but Bombay Sapphire is still my stand-by.

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