Using iPad

I bought my iPad expecting it to be a media-consumption device. Within weeks it became an indispensable part of my life.

  • I use a to-do app to track and plan all of my work
  • I use outlining and mind-mapping apps to organize my thoughts
  • I use it for impromptu presentations
  • I use it to access my files
  • I use it to remotely access my home and work computers

I carry it everywhere at work, and never go more than a few minutes without using it.

At home, I use it for media consumption (including books, movies, rss feeds, Twitter, magazines, Lenswork Extended, photography e-books). I write and publish blog posts with it. When traveling, I use it to edit photos so that I can post or e-mail them from the road (my primary digital darkroom is a desktop machine, not a laptop). When camping, I use bird, tree, wild flower, and astronomy field guides on it.

I’d say my percentages are 80% work/20% entertainment, and 100% essential.

(This blog post originally started off as a response to someone claiming the iPad was only a media-consumption device)

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