How to Be Happier at Work

Are you satisfied at work? Are you excited to go into the office? In 2013, my answer has been yes. I have a new company and a new boss. It’s been an exciting and challenging year so far. But this hasn’t always the case. What do you do when your motivation flags?

I found a solution, and several months after putting it into place, I read a great article that echoed my ideas. The answer is to create and work on an outside project. The blog article mentions creating a new business, but suggests it doesn’t have to be work-related at all. In my case it was much more modest- reviving this blog and building an iOS application. I intentionally schedule time to do my creative work at the beginning of every day. Usually this means getting up early before the rest of the family and working for 30 minutes on the project. Last week, it meant getting up early on a business trip and writing a blog entry in my hotel room.

The idea is to go to work with a feeling of accomplishment. This is an energizing and exciting way to start the day. If I start my day in the office with e-mail and four hours of meetings? Well, at least I accomplished something meaningful already. If I get to the office and dive into creative work? Even better.

Read the article, and then go plan your next project!

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