Did Something Change?

You know that feeling you get when you see someone who looks… different. Something has changed, but you can’t figure out what. Eventually you realize they got a haircut or grew a beard, and the mystery is solved. Until then, you just feel a vague uneasiness.

So if you’re feeling that way now, the answer is “yes, something changed.”

Last week I updated the design of this website. I changed to exclusively use sans serif fonts, namely Helvetica and Helvetica Neue. For those readers who don’t know the difference between serif and serif and sans serif, serif fonts are the ones with the “little feet” on each letter. They’re great for reading large amounts of text, but for online use sans serif fonts are generally preferred for their readability. While I didn’t notice a big difference on my large computer monitor, this site was remarkably easier to read on my iPad and iPhone after the switch.

The second major change is that I made the blog page the home screen. The original home screen contained nothing more than a set of links to the rest of the site- links that were already present in the website header. Since the blog is where most of the action is, I decided to make it the home page and save visitors a click.

I hope everyone likes the changes!

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