The Death of Google Reader

Many of my readers subscribe to Das Haus von Ruh using a service called Google Reader. Google stopped this service on July 1st, so you might not be getting notifications about new posts.

There are a number of RSS-subscription services out there that have taken the place of Google Reader. The one I am using is called feedly. You can sign up there for a free account using your (ironically) Google account credentials. Once logged in, click on the Add Content button

Enter in the following to subscribe to the blogs on this web site

At that point you should be set up. Using your web browser on Mac or Windows, you can view new blog entries. Feedly also offers iOS and Android clients as well. On the iPhone or iPod, you can also use Reeder (Reeder has iPad and Mac apps as well, but they do not yet support feedly). Other RSS clients out there are gradually adding support for feedly, but I don’t have any personal experience with them.

This post was never intended to be a comprehensive review of the different RSS-subscription services that have sprung up in the wake of Google Reader. If you don’t like Feedly, an Internet search of “RSS Reader” should find plenty of additional options. I recommend you use bing.

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