Iteration 3 Recap

The plan for iteration 3 was to design the entire app, so that I could be more targeted in future iterations. I started with a pile of notes in disparate files, and ended with a technical specification. As a professional developer, I hated writing specs, but it really helped clarify my thinking for this project

I drew a picture of the main screens (shown above), listed out the criteria for searching and sorting, defined the fields and data types of the Attraction object, listed out a proposed iteration schedule, and even started a list of future enhancements. All told, it came to nine pages. It’s not especially detailed, but it’s enough for me to feel like I have a plan to accelerate app development.

In the upcoming iteration 4, I’ll be adjusting the Editor application to store the new fields for the attraction object. I’m also investigating creating a framework. The attraction object, the data model, and the display view controller belong in an objective C framework that can be shared between the Editor and the main app.

Let the coding begin!